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18 & Over Book Blogger Giveaway Hop


My Secret Romance is so excited to be part of the 18 & Over Book Blogger Giveaway Hop! I have two sizzling excerpts from the very cool author, Liz Crow. One lucky winner will in both of these books!
Book 1: Floor Time
She turned away from him, hoping to marshal her strength and tell him to leave. As she made her way down the office hallway she knew by heart even in the darkness, she could smell him on her and knew at that moment, without a doubt, she would fuck him, right then in that office. 
They had been building towards it for too long.  Her brain knew to keep quiet; it would not be heard over her body’s clamor. Her baser need for him took over, and when he put a hand on her shirt and firmly tugged her back to him, she let him, shutting her eyes and praying she wasn’t making a huge mistake.
She started to turn but he grabbed her from behind. 
“Don’t turn around,” he whispered.  “Let me show you what happens next. Just leave it all to me.” 
She relented and leaned back into his body. His lips claimed her neck. His hands rubbed both nipples at once. She bent her knees and moaned, raised her arms and put them behind her, around his head. He managed at some point to lose his expensive cufflinks and roll up his sleeves exposing tanned, strong forearms. He released each breast from their cup; caressed, rubbed, and pinched the aching, hard nubs of sensitive flesh. His lips and teeth remained on her damp skin. 
She began to move, rubbing against the heat of his erection pressed against her back. He groaned, and increased attention to her nipples, continued to use his lips to caress the back of her neck. A small fire burned wherever he touched her. She imagined she could come against the seam of her jeans, the pressure of his straining zipper against her, both of his hands on her nipples and his mouth in her ear and on her neck.
 “Mmm… I have been dreaming of doing this to you for weeks.”  The words caused every nerve in her body to tingle. She closed her eyes.
He turned her around to face him, his hands on her upper arms. Before she could whimper about her poor lonely nipples he crushed his mouth on hers, pushing her up against the wall. Her left leg lifted and encircled his waist as her engorged clit begged for contact
Oh my God, I am dry humping this grown man in my office.
 He reached down and slowly unzipped her shorts, never removing his lips from the skin of her neck. He was muttering, something about “You smell exactly like I thought you would,” but she couldn’t be certain as her brain started fogging up like the inside of a car window, obscuring all rational thought. 
 Jack reached a hand down, brushed the outside of her panties. She moaned and leaned her head back against the wall. Sweat dripped slowly between her breasts as her breath caught in her throat. She sensed him grin against her skin as he leaned down to find the moisture and lap at it, his fingers lightly teasing her clit. 
“Somebody is really happy to see me.” His voice had an edge to it she loved.
 Sara realized that she was moving her hips, thrusting toward him as though drawn by a magnet. She started to reach down, needing to feel his flesh, but he grabbed her hands, lifted them up over her head, pinned her wrists against the wall. 
“No, baby, let me. Just lean back and relax. I’m in charge.”
Everything in her struggled against him, tried to resist, but the firm grasp he kept on her wrists was one of the most erotic sensations she’d ever experienced. She bit her lip as Jack slid her shorts down. He reached inside her panties, forming two of his fingers and thumb into a delicious double stimulator.  Slowly, he moved against her swollen nub and slipped into her pussy as his lips traveled from her mouth, to her neck. 
  He manipulated her and maintained his control, seemingly without much effort, still holding her wrists captive over her head.  She started lifting off, becoming as light as air, reaching the edge of extreme pleasure, while part of her tried to maintain her control. The man she’d been dreaming about for months was there, touching her, holding her captive against her office wall, and his lips, dear God...  Eyes closed, head and arms up against the wall, she finally gave in to the pure, shuddering pleasure of it. Ignoring how much further she’d be willing to go with him; her usual reservations abandoned in his arms.

Book 2: Sweat Equity
“Just this once Jack.” Her voice broke. “Then we’re done. Do you understand?”
“Hmmm…we’ll see about that.” He pushed her up, ran his hands down her body, then stood, burrowing into her psyche with his deep stare. He ran a finger across her lips. “Leave it to me. Deal?” She nodded, not trusting her voice.
He reached over for the champagne but bypassed it, instead taking a cube of ice and putting it against her lips. He smiled, let it trail a chilly line down her neck. She shivered, loving and hating the pleasure/pain of this, knowing it was only the beginning.  “Hey!” she shuddered and jumped away when he let the cube drop down between her breasts.  His grin nearly broke her in two. Dear Lord she’d missed him too. Something happened as she took the step between them, closing the chasm she’d created a few short months before. He grabbed her hand, brought it to his lips, sucked each finger into his mouth then pressed a kiss to her palm. She closed her eyes.
“Look at me Sara.” His voice had a low grumble to it she recognized, and if she’d been wearing panties, they’d be damp at the sound of it. “I’m going to only say this once before we start. Before, our play was just that. I let you keep some control. Tonight will be different.” She swallowed hard and started to speak. He put a finger over her lips.
“Shh…let me finish.” He held her close, putting his lips to her ear. “I’m in complete control. I will not hurt you, but I’m going to push you a little.” His hand roamed down her back, cupped her ass. She gasped when he pressed into her, his need obvious, hard and urgent against the clingy, now irritating fabric of her dress. “Ready?”
She nodded and he released her, but didn’t touch her again. She ran a nervous hand up her arm, started to unlatch the halter top. He put a hand on her then, nearly bringing her to her knees with lust. “Stop. Let me.” He flipped it open with one hand; she let the dress drop to the floor. “Oh yes. Perfect.” He cupped one breast, ran his other hand down her hip and back up.  “Leave the shoes on.” He took her hand and led her to the strap hanging from the ceiling. When he tugged her arms up she started to resist.
“Jack, I’m…I’m scared.” Her lip trembled. A tear slipped down her cheek. “Not of this,” she jerked her chin at the paraphernalia. “Of you.”
He smiled, slipped out of his jacket, and without word, keeping his gaze locked on hers, pulled her arms up, fastening her wrists in the buttery soft leather. She shivered as he ran both hands down her arms, slanting his mouth over hers, owning her with his lips and tongue. Her pussy responded, sending zings of pleasure shooting through her body. “Oh God,” she gasped when he dropped to his knees in front of her, pulled one of her legs over his shoulder. “I’m, oh Jesus, Jack,” she tugged at the restraint, the leather making a creaky sound tightening as she squirmed. He sucked her clit hard, making her hips buck against him. It hurt, and was, at the same time, the most exquisite feeling on the planet. Just as the room lightened around her, the climax roaring up from her core, he released her. She could hardly catch a breath, watched as he reached for a strawberry, dredging it through the cream and held it to her lips.
She opened her mouth, reached out her tongue but he kept it out of reach. She could smell it, the heavy richness of the white coating the deep red strawberry. He grinned, popped it into his own mouth, but before she could whine he had another one, had it pressed to her lips. She bit into it, letting it drench her senses, the cream running down the side of her mouth. He leaned in and licked it from her neck, but forcing her leg down when she tried to wrap it around him. 
 “Huh-uh Sara. Not yet.” He took the champagne bottle and took a drink right from it, held it to her lips and smiled as she gulped at it. One more strawberry followed, fat, bloated and delicious. Sara had the immediate sensation of drowning, in his eyes, his voice, wanting more than anything for him to kiss her again. “Kiss me. Please?” She whispered, licking her lips as he released his cufflinks and rolled up his sleeves.
In a blink he was at her mouth, teasing, licking, tracing the line of it with his tongue but staying out of reach. She whimpered, but he kept at it, teasing, letting his palms flit over her enervated skin, bringing every nerve ending she had to strict attention.
The room lightened, got fuzzy around the edges. Then he was gone again leaving her gasping. The blindfold covered her eyes. A rich cinnamon, gingery exotic scent filled her nose. “I know you don’t like this.” His voice hovered at her ear. “The blindfold. But I need you to wear it. Give over to your other senses.” She felt his fingertip trace her neck, across her collarbones, to one aching nipple then the other. It reached her stomach, then lower, making her groan when he reached her pulsing clit, pressing there, then even lower, filling her, stretching her body, making her shudder. 

Excerpts provided by the author. Thank you!


karla said...

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According to Ditter said...

Liz Crowe is spectacular! In the thousands of books I have read...Floor Time and Sweat Equity are in my top 5!! I am addicted to Jack!!! It's an amazing story...One I will never forget, and can not wait to continue reading with Closing Cost!!! Loved it!!!

Alison said...

Books sound great! I've never read Liz Crowe...I hope I win:)

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VERY HOT excerpt. I've been hearing great things about this series =)

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