Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Review: Nerd Girl By Jemma Bell

Amy Jenkins is your typical bookish Nerd Girl. She believes her heart will be safer crushing on fictional characters than the real thing. As her bad luck would have it she runs into her favorite book boyfriend in the most unlikely of places.

Derrick Walker is a cover model for a world famous author. He has a busy schedule and never expected to have the girl of his dreams literally fall at his feet. 

The Nerd Girl and The Hunk in love. Can a relationship work between these two? Along for the ride are smart aleck best friends, an agent who makes the wicked witch look like a girl scout and a coonhound named Clyde. Nerd Girl is sure to be a wild ride.

I stumbled across Nerd Girl when it was available for preorder, so as most book whores do, I preordered it since the blurb sounded pretty good.  I mean come on a nerd and a book boyfriend cover model?  I so wish that would happen to me in real life, well if I didn’t have that husband and all.  If you are reading this my dear sweet husband, you know I love you.  I read it a couple of days after it released and I absolutely LOVED it!  I love when a nerd or geeky type character knocks the sexy hot male or female on their ass and they have to have the nerd or geek.  What can I say I am a little nerdy in real life so I cheer for the nerds in the world.

Amy may be nerdy, but this girl will surprise you.  She is feisty, sassy, funny and overall just real.  She knows she is a nerd, well a book nerd to be more specific.  So when Derrick literally runs right into her, at first she is awestruck. Well that is until he ends up with his foot in his mouth when he is a jackass.  I could almost picture their interaction in my head when I was reading.  Derrick can’t help but fall for the girl who looks like a naughty librarian, and when he finds a way to get in contact with her I was on the edge of my seat hoping that it all works out.  Too bad he has a psycho agent who happens to be an ex fuck buddy, who at every turn tries to sabotage the relationship that Amy and Derrick are forming.  God I wanted to slap the living hell out of that bitch on more than one occasion, I will admit I wanted to slap and possibly knee Derrick as well for a couple of things he did and didn’t do.

I believe this is the first book by Jemma Bell and I also this is the first book in a series.  I can’t wait to read more from this author.  If the rest of her books keep me laughing and giggling with a small side of angst and a heavy dose of the nerd getting the guy then I will read them all.  So if you are a fan of nerds getting the hot guy or girl, make sure you add this one to your TBR lists and find out why I cheered on the nerd girl getting the hot cover model guy.

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