Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review: Me By Marie York

Kennedy Bennett threw herself at her brother’s best friend, Beckham Fox, on her 16th birthday, only to be denied. Now two years later, she’s a freshman in college ready to start with a clean slate. Except on the first day, Beckham Fox reappears into her life and all the humiliation she pushed aside comes rushing back. Will she be able to break Beckham down or will his friendship with her brother continue to keep them apart?
Before I even start my review I want you to know that Me is a serial and my review is only for part one.  So keep it mind that it is a very quick read, it will end in a cliffhanger and it at this time does not have a HEA.

Pretty much from the first few words I was hooked.  What isn’t there to like about a girl who wants her older brother’s best friend?  Kennedy knew that she wanted Beckham and had a plan on how to achieve getting him into her panties so to speak, but when he puts on the brakes and essentially breaks her 16 year old heart to say that she didn’t want anything more to do with him is an understatement.  Skip ahead a couple of years and now Kennedy is starting college and guess who transferred there as well?  You guessed it, Beckham.  One night things get super intense and then he backs off yet again, next thing we know Kennedy is possibly in trouble and that is how we are left off. 

With that cliffhanger I was like noooooo, I want more now but sadly we have to wait.  Now it seems like you wouldn’t be able to become that invested in such a short time but honestly I was.  The author has done a great job getting you invested in a short amount of pages.  I have a feeling the next parts to this serial will be better and better.  I am anxiously awaiting the next installment just to see where this possible relationship may go.

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