Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review: A Woman Gone Mad By Kimber S. Dawn

How many times can one woman’s heart be broken before it can no longer be healed and she goes mad from the pain?  Love and happy endings are only true in fairy tales, love is destructive, painful and at times deadly.

Lil’s heart has been broken one too many times, it won’t heal.  Her pain has sent her into a downward spiral that is so heart wrenching that you feel the madness take you over as it does her.  Your heart breaks right along with Lil’s.  You feel each and every piece shatter into smaller pieces that can never be healed again.  Betrayal, the loss of a love so obsessive that it turns destructive, meaningless sex, the chance of true love and happiness only for it to be ripped right out of her hands, and a second chance at love has made her take a path down a destructive spiral that she may not be able to reverse.

Every time Lil would suffer I felt like a knife was stabbing me in my own heart.  Each piece of her heart and her sanity breaking made me feel her pain.  Beginning with her first heart break you see that Lil will not have a smooth road to happiness but one that is filled with so many twists, turns, pot holes and bumps that it is a miracle that she is able to maneuver her life through it.  Lil tries to put her heart back together after each heart break but it’s only being held together by the tiniest amount of glue that even a small tap will break the pieces again.

When her first true love leaves and shatters her world completely you never think that Lil will be able to bring herself out of the depth of despair that she is in.  You finally think that maybe, just maybe her knight in shining armor that could make her fairytale come true will be the one to save her comes in to her life and for a while Lil is happy once more, that is until he plunges his sword into her heart as well. 

When her first love, Leo, returns he helps bring the light back into her life and they begin their life together. But even the love of Leo can help her when she suffers a loss so heart breaking that she spirals out of control and pushes Leo away.  She hits such a low, one that has her ending her pain in a way that is final, you never think that she will be pulled from her madness, but the same love that has broken her heart and sanity is the one that pulls her from her madness and heals her heart and mind.

I can’t begin to tell you what this book made me feel, there is so much angst, heart break and pain that it is a total mind fuck.  I cried almost from the prologue alone and each time Lil’s heart broke I cried even more.  My emotions were on such a roller coaster that at times I had to let myself cry out the pain I felt.  To feel such despair and pain drained me both mentally and physically.  To feel such a low that the only choice you have is to end the pain is sadly for some the only way to make it end. 

Kimber S, Dawn has written such an emotional, angst filled story that shows that love is painful, heart breaking and sometimes maddening.  I have a feeling a lot of people will connect with Lil’s pain and have felt how she has at times, this reviewer being one of them.  This is a must read and one of the best books I have read this year so far.

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