Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review: Holding Her In Madness By: Kimber S. Dawn

If you have not read A Woman Gone Mad, stop reading this review and read it first!

In A Woman Gone Mad we experienced Lil’s heart breaking and maddening pain.  In Holding Her In Madness, this is Leo’s story, his POV and his own pain and heart break brought on by the one woman who could bring him to his knees and how he feels while Lil has hit her lowest point.

Leo fell for Lil hard, obsessively can’t live without her hard.  She was his EVERYTHING.  He lived and breathed for her.  When he is forced away from her and threatened, it begins his own downward spiral of drugs, alcohol, heart break and pain. He goes to the edge, almost falls over but is saved.  He never thinks he will be able to live without Lil in his life, even if he has to stay away from her, she will always own his heart.  That is, until something happens that makes him forget Lil and move on with someone new.  He gets married and you think that he really had gotten past his feeling for Lil, but when you learn the truth you are surprised that he doesn’t hurt the person who deceived him and took Lil away for so long.

Leo is his own brand of fucked up, but luckily he is stronger than his demons and is able to pull himself from the depths of his own hell and heal.  When he has his second chance with Lil you think that finally Leo and Lil will have their chance at happiness but tragedy strikes and Leo is unable to pull Lil from her madness and gives up on her in a way.  He knows everything she is doing since they have been separated and while it is killing him he doesn’t know what to do to save her.

When Leo gets a call that changes the course of everything, he knows that he needs to be there and be Lil’s savior, rock and love.  He saves her from the brink of destruction just in time, his pain is just as powerful as Lil’s.  He is her knight in armor, it’s not shinning by any means but dinged, dented and well used but he will protect her with his life so he never loses her again.  Too much time and pain had come between them and he wasn’t going to let it happen again.

I loved this follow up to A Woman Gone Mad, I had wondered what had transpired in Leo’s life that he left Lil and didn’t look back.  These are not pretty stories, they are filled with pain and suffering and heart break.  Both books moved my emotions, that for days later I felt so emotional that I couldn’t explain it.  By now those of you have read my reviews I will tell you if a book or series is one that I feel you should pick up and give a chance.  Well, A Woman Gone Mad and Holding Her In Madness are two books that not only still have me emotionally fucked up but are two of the best books I have read so far in 2014 and need to be put on your TBR lists immediately if they are not already on there.  Just. Trust. Me.  Kimber S. Dawn, babe you have a fan for life in me, keep on writing these emotion engaging reads cause I will keep on reading them!

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