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Houston Author Event Interview & Giveaways: Day 2 Spotlight on Jessica Sorensen

I was given the incredible opportunity to sit down and have some one-on-one face time with the attending authors at the recent Houston event. It was a blast! I got to pick their brains for five minutes each. Thanks to all of you who submitted questions, I was armed and prepared. ~Nadine 

We’ll be featuring a different author and their interview here for the next several days. Make sure you scroll to the bottom and enter the AMAZING Rafflecopter for your chance to win a SIGNED paperback from each attending author and keep scrolling for another chance to win various swag from the event. If you submitted a question on either My Secret Romance’s Facebook page or Oh Whimsical Me’s Facebook page, you get extra entry points.

Today’s spotlight is Jessica Sorensen! You asked the questions, she answered them. Enjoy!

What inspired you to start writing?
I just wanted to since I was a little girl. I read Twilight and I decided hey I want to give it a shot, so that’s what started it.

What are you planning to do next?
Bookwise: romance, suspense, dark thriller. Give some conclusions to some of them.

You’re going into different genres?
Yeah I have a ton of different genres already. I figured I’d branch out even more. I want to be James Patterson. I’m dead serious. He has YA, paranormal, mystery. That’s what I want to be. I want to be like him; an everything writer.

If you could turn one of your books into a TV series or a movie, which one would you choose?
I don’t know. That’s so hard. I think I’d want Breaking Nova to be like a movie, just like all of them squished in together. But then I think a TV series like Ella and Micah would be a good one; like a One Tree Hill sort of thing.

Do you have a dream cast?
No. I never can find anybody that matches them.

What inspired your characters?
Um…people. *insert giggles* People I have known or you hear something and you’re inspired by it. Real life basically. Like my mom, Callie is kind of based on my mom in some of her stuff. Nova and Quinton the whole environment. I know that well.

What was the time frame from start to finish for your first book?
For my first one, oh it took me forever. It was like three years. Just cause I tried to go the traditional way and so I kept trying to get agents and kept working on it.

If you weren’t a writer, what would you be?
I have no idea.

What did you do prior to writing?
I was everything. I was a library assistant, a cleaning lady. I didn’t like any of them either. 

So writing is your dream job?
Yes, I don’t want to do anything else. It freaks me out to think about it. I’ll keep doing it forever if I can.

Who do you fangirl over?
It is Patterson (James). I’ve never met him before. But there’s a lot. Courtney Summers, I like everything she writes. Sarah Dessen, same thing. Amy Reed. There’s a ton. I haven’t met any of them yet. It’s depressing. Cassandra Clare. I want to meet Suzanne Collins.

Once again the chiming of the bells signaled my time was up. Be sure to stop by Jessica's website where you can learn more about her books and seeing what's to come.

About Jessica
Jessica Sorensen is the author of The New York Times and USA Today Bestsellers, The Secret of Ella and Micha, The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, and Breaking Nova, which are New Adult Contemporary novels.  She also writes Paranormal series, including the Fallen Star Series, Shattered Promises, Darkness Falls, and the Death Collectors. She loves writing and reading and is an avid watcher of TV series The Vampire Diaries and Modern Family.  An immense music lover,  Jessica immerses herself in her music as she writes.  She has a broad taste in music, and a list of favorite songs that goes on for miles!  A few of her current favorite bands are Chevelle, Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Brand New, Death Cab for Cutie, Flight 409, and Nirvana.  Some of Jessica’s favorite “watch it over, and over again” movies include Anywhere but Here, Juno, Pride and Prejudice, The Hangover, and Bad Teacher.

Connect with Jessica Sorensen: Facebook | Website | Goodreads

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