Friday, April 4, 2014

Review: Five Miles (Gypsy Brothers #3) by Lili St. Germain

Another one bites the dust.  Another son dead by her hands, more pain for the bastard who deserves each second of heartbreak and pain that he feels.  Another piece of Sammi’s soul broken as well.  How much longer can her mission of vengeance continue before she is either found out by Dornan, or sent to hell by the devil himself for what she has done.
Sammi is breaking down both mentally and physically from all that she is doing.  She is losing weight, losing sleep and has almost lost her life.  Don’t even mention the other acts she has to perform just so Dornan doesn’t think she is behind the deaths of his precious sons.  She has to finish what she started, even if she ends up dead in the process.  It’s gonna be big and someone will go out with a bang, literally.  Even Jace, the one person who is the light in all the darkness is starting to push her away.  She never wanted to hurt Jace, she loves him still.

Jace is beginning to become suspicious of Sammi.  Since she has come around two of his brothers are dead, not that he cares about those bastards, but there is something about her that isn’t sitting right with him.  He may not be evil like the rest of his family, but he won’t hesitate either to protect himself.  Jace doesn’t want to see Sammi hurt, but is it because of his father or because he wants her for himself?

I cannot believe that we have to wait over a month for the next installment of the Gypsy Brothers series.  I so want to see who Sammi’s next victim will be.  If her and Jace will get closer or further apart.  If she will be able to continue her path of vengeance and destruction and keep her sanity in tack while she does it.  I am loving watching her pick off these pricks like it was a game of duck hunt, maybe that makes me just as sadistic as she is and if it does I am proud of it because these bastards deserve the same treatment if not worse for what they did.


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