Thursday, April 3, 2014

Review: The Bonus by AJ Adams

This is not your typical love story. It’s about as unconventional as you can get. It’s not even your typical dark read. Because trust me, it’s not a light and fluffy read.

From the very first scene in the book, you are sucked into a world that no one should ever be part of. Unfortunately, many have been part of that world. Most don’t survive it.

Chloe has ended up in a bad situation. It’s not just any typical bad situation. She’s in a world of hurt and there’s not a lot she can do about it. She gets one chance to make a bid for freedom and she takes it. Kyle ends up giving her that chance and their romance begins.

But Kyle isn’t your typical good guy. He’s ruthless. He’s brutal. He’s unforgiving.

By all rights we should hate Kyle. We should despise him. But it’s fiction, so we can ignore the ruthless parts of Kyle and focus on the good. Yes, even though he’s ruthless, he does have some redeeming qualities. It’s those qualities that make us like him.

It’s a true testament to an author’s writing ability that they can make me like a character that by all rights I should hate. Well done, AJ Adams. You’ve done an amazing job with that.

For all that read this book, be warned, it has dubious consent. It also has scenes of graphic violence. So, if any of those things bother you, don’t read it. But if you do decide to wade into this dark world, you’ll be sucked in from the very beginning.

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