Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Review: Combative By Jay McLean

We all play victims to our pasts; to the choices we make and the lives we create.

They define who we are.

And sometimes if we're lucky enough, the past stays where it belongs: in the past.

I'm not one of the lucky ones.

I never have been.

Because now the past is knocking on my door, offering deals I have no choice but to take… deals that will help bring justice—not just for me, but for my brothers.

The problem?

The deal is a ticking time bomb.

One I didn't know existed.


I am sitting here confused and wondering what in the ever loving hell did I just read.  I went into reading Combative thinking it would be one thing and ending it knowing it is something totally different and I am confused, kind of questioning did I really just read what I just read, and a doing a lot of cursing.  Yes I read the synopsis, obviously.  I think I am having a hard time because there are a whole lot of questions that I didn’t even come close to finding answers to, secrets, lies, and maybe a little pissy over the whole Ky having PTSD from serving in Afghanistan but nothing being followed up.

I have had a 50/50 love/hate thing going with this author, some of her books I really have liked and some I have put down never to finish again.  Combative is surprisingly somewhere in between for me.  I did like it, believe it or not with how this review is going so far, but I did.  I think I connected with Ky almost immediately, there is just something about him that calls out to you and makes you want to protect him and just show him love.  Madison however, does not draw those same feelings out from me.  I started out giving her the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe she was sick and didn’t want to burden Ky, but the more secrets she kept, the more evasive change of subjects happening more frequently, and the fact that you just knew she was lying about something.  Unless she really redeems herself in the next book I doubt I will ever end up liking her character.

The secondary characters made the story more enjoyable as well especially when I got so confused about what was going on that I kept reading for them.  I want to get more of Jax and a certain Dr.’s history, I want to know more about Christine, I want more information on Jax and I want to know why Tiny seems to be more bark than he is bite.  I have been left with more questions than I have answers and while sometimes that can be a good thing, in this instance I am angry that we have to wait to find out what is the truth.  Will that stop me from reading the next book? No it won’t because I need those answers and the only way to get them is to read the next book when it comes out.  So why I didn’t love Combative, I am intrigued enough that I will be looking forward to the next book, I just hope it releases sooner rather than later.

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