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Release Blitz: Big Bad Wolfe By Elle Doolittle

Sarah Maxwell had spent years trying to forget the one man who broke her heart. She'd buried herself in her family's business never expecting to lay eyes on him again...until Falon Wolfe walked into the conference room, bringing a plan to turn the agency around along with all those unrequited feelings.

Falon was the one thing in her life she could never forget. And she’d tried. For nine years she tried forgetting the scent of his skin and the way his body felt against hers. She had never planned on seeing him again after that one night of pure bliss. A night he obviously didn’t remember. He’s cold, detached and she has the sudden urge to reignite the fires of the past.

He can't get her out of his head...

Falon Wolfe was a man hardened by a life on the wrong side of town and the personal drive that made him the success he was. A self-made financial success story, Falon traveled around the world turning failing companies around—by any means necessary.

At the request of his estranged grandfather Falon finds himself at Maxwell, Williams and Blake, a failing talent agency in the heart of the city he vowed never to return to. When he agreed he thought that it would be a simple job. He had never been more wrong. The first time he laid eyes on the feisty Sarah Maxwell she stirred something in him he hadn’t felt in a very long time, and he wanted nothing to do with it. What he did want was Sarah, as many ways as possible, while he was in Chicago. When the job was done so was she, that’s the way it worked, always had always will. But when Falon starts dreaming of the luscious redhead he wonders why his subconscious is connecting her with his past and why he can’t shake the feeling that she is so familiar.

When feelings change from cold agendas to blazing passion Sarah and Falon must come clean about their motives or risk losing everything. Sarah must move past her insecurities and Falon's frigid walls if she truly wants to tame the Big Bad Wolfe.
Sometimes when you go in to a book you have such high high hopes that it is going to be one that totally blows you away and may be that one great read that you need at that time, especially if you have been in a book funk.  Sadly Big Bad Wolfe didn’t live up to those hopes, it didn’t blow me away or wow me but it was a good book. 

I usually like the you don’t remember me but you broke my heart years ago and now I plan my vengeance on you story line so I am not sure exactly what is was about Big Bad Wolfe that kept me from loving it.  Maybe it is the fact that Sarah just seems immature at times and just can’t seem to see that there is more to Falon then what she believes, that he too has a painful past at while she was dealing with a heartbreaking situation he was going through his own issues.  Even when Falon opened up to her about his past, she couldn’t bring herself to be completely honest.  And of course he finds out and is pissed, which is expected.  Did she think he was be “oh it’s all good in the hood we can move past it and not worry?” Does that ever happen?  No it does not.  For some reason Sarah and her plotting just got on my bad side.

Overall, Big Bad Wolfe is a good book, I just wish it would have been great.  It had the potential to be but it sadly it didn’t meet my high expectations.

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Author Bio

I always knew I wanted to do something creative. After going through the standard childhood career changes of ballerina, doctor, and a rather embarrassing period of boy band charged rockstar dreams I found writing (which was equally embarrassing). Never really believing I could actually make something of my stories, I left for college, got married to my best friend and had a couple of kids before taking up the proverbial pen again.

After several false starts, I finally finished a full manuscript, then another and another. I loved each one like my own children and wanted to keep them safe from the world, but I knew my stories would never reach anyone hidden away on my computer hard drive so I began cautiously sending them out and one landed a home with Entranced Publishing.

I live in Ohio with my husband and two young boys. No pets, despite the kids' constant begging and various versions of 'big ol' puppy dog eyes'.
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