Monday, March 30, 2015

Review: Beginning Of Forever By: Laramie Briscoe


Tyler and Meredith Blackfoot have a long and complicated history. A relationship born out of the worst thing a woman can endure has blossomed into a greater love than either of them could have ever imagined. Now, with answered prayers and Addie a permanent part of their family, they are ready to move forward. 

Meredith with her work as Director of the CRISIS center. Tyler busy mentoring younger members of the club and the teenagers that look up to him with wide-eyed amazement.

Life is going exactly the way they want it to until a woman shows up at CRISIS that could threaten everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve. She’s dangerous, and only a select few know why. Secrets are kept and stresses mount as the Blackfoots get the biggest surprise of their lives.

Tyler will do anything to protect the woman he loves and the young family they’ve created together. When the reason he breathes is threatened, he does everything in his power to prove it’s not the end, but the beginning of forever.

This review is a hard one to write.  Why you may ask?  Well it’s because I had mixed feelings about Beginning Of Forever.  Let me be straight up when I say that Tyler and Meredith have been one of my favorite couples of the Heaven Hill series since the start, so when I found out that the author was going to do a second book for them I was excited.  Now this is where those mixed feelings on my part come in.  Was I happy that we got more Tyler and Meredith?  Yes I was.  Was I happy that we saw more of the other couples and ones yet to get together (read the book and you know what I am meaning)?  Again yes I was. 

So you are probably sitting there reading this (hopefully) asking if she loved those things then what is causing these mixed feelings.  It at times almost felt like I was reading a G rated version of the things we have come to love about the Heaven Hill series.  This series has never been overly filled with sex or violence and it has worked because it shows that the MC is more of a family but something was just missing for me. 

Now with those mixed feelings please let me be very clear about something.  I still liked Beginning Of Forever, I will still continue to read further because the next book has the potential to knock us on our asses because it is about Drew and I can’t wait to see how the young man we met in book one has all grown up.

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