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Sale Blitz: A Life Less Broken By: Margaret McHeyzer

On a day like any other, Allyn Sommers went off to work, not knowing that her life was about to be irrevocably and horrifically altered.

Three years later, Allyn is still a prisoner in her own home held captive by harrowing fear. Broken and damaged, Allyn seeks help from someone that fate brought her.

Dr. Dominic Shriver is a psychiatrist who’s drawn to difficult cases. He must push past his own personal battles to help Allyn fight her monsters and nightmares.

Is Dr. Shriver the answer to her healing?

Can Allyn overcome the broken?

Contains distressing content. Only suitable for 18+. Standalone.

A Life Less Broken is an extremely hard book emotionally to read.  This is not a book to read if you have any type of rape trigger, please if this is a topic that you know that you don’t like to read about then skip this one.  Just please take what I just wrote to heart.

God, what do I even say about this book?  From the start you know how horribly that Allyn suffered at the hands of her attackers.  I had tears in my eyes when I read what happened to her and then when you see how she hasn’t been able to cope just makes it all so much harder.  I had to step away from this book multiple times because of what I was reading.

When she meets Dominic, her new doctor you start to see that maybe, just maybe she can begin to live again. Slowly ever so slowly Allyn begins to battle the fears that have caused her life to just be at a standstill since her attack.  Feelings between the two begin to move past doctor/patient and that is when I started to not like the book as much.  It’s not because of their relationship but because it went from doctor treating patient to bam something else without a second thought to what would be at risk for him.

Then all of a sudden thing just go from bad to worse for Allyn, I won’t say what it is because I don’t want to give anything away but for me, that would have been my oh hell no breaking point.  It almost became over the top with the drama surrounding the truth. 

I liked A Life Less Broken but I can’t say that I loved it.  I love dark reads, rape in a book is not an issue for me, but this one just didn’t sit right with me for some reason.  I have had 50/50 luck with this author so maybe it is a case of we just don’t mesh well together or maybe it was the book itself but if you take anything from this review, please keep the warning I posted at the beginning of my review in mind if you do give it a chance.  This is one read that will stay with me for a while and not in a good way but one that will make me wish that nothing like this ever happens to any woman, ever.

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**Bound by custom or unique by choice.**

There's something about the written word that's pure magic.

Possibly it's the fact that there are 26 letters in the English alphabet, and they can create something so beautiful or so empowering that they're able to change our lives.

How important is it that we break suit and stretch our minds?

I like to think of myself as 'unique'. My stories aren't for everyone, and sometimes I may push what you believe to be 'normal'.

Normal is subjective.

I prefer to be known as a person who's never been 'bound by custom' but is 'unique by choice'.

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