Thursday, February 19, 2015

Book Blitz: Jagged Love By: Nicole Simone

    Jagged Love

Jagged Love - D3E(1)
To the outside world I’m a normal twenty three year old woman - brown hair with caramel colored highlights, gray blue eyes and French manicured tips. What they don’t see are the map of scars etched into my skin or the barb wired wrapped around my heart. As the saying goes, it only takes one person to change your life. That person for me was Andrew. From the moment we locked eyes I was hooked. He was intriguing, a word that doesn’t get used lightly. Men were a dime a dozen, but Andrew was special. I could tell in the way he spoke, passionately and without reservation. As our fates collide, he begins show me the light amongst the darkness. However, when a secret from Andrew’s past emerges, the fragile foundation of trust we built becomes threatened. Our story is a jagged piece of glass, beautifully imperfect. Will it survive the fall or will blood be drawn?

Some books have either too much or too little of that nail biting, heart aching, stomach tightening angst to them.  So it is rare these days to find one that has just the right amount.  One that the angst adds to the story and doesn’t take away from the beauty that is being written.  We get that with Jagged Love

I am not going to get deep into the story with this review because I want all of you to go out and pick it up and read it for yourself.  I know once I started I had problems setting it down because I was so drawn into the story that I wished I could ignore the world around me and just keep reading.  Sadly real life always interferes with my reading time, so while I couldn’t read it with not stopping, I did read it in a day.  I just needed to see how Haven and Andrew’s relationship was going to play out.

I had tried to read another book by this author before and I will admit I didn’t enjoy it, so when I signed up to read Jagged Love I will confess that I didn’t have high hopes.  Well I was proven wrong, and I am glad that I was because Jagged Love really is a book that needs to be placed on TBR lists.


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About the Nicole

Profile Picture-5Nicole Simone works in digital media by day and at night, pen’s character driven romance novels that will make your mama blush. She lives in Seattle, WA with her fat bulldog named Humphrey.


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