Monday, January 21, 2013

Review: The Stranger by Kyra Davis

You should sleep with a stranger
Umm... no you shouldn't unless you're single cause it will bite you in yo ass when it's revealed but then again it can also liberate you...

This book has cheating. Not a fan of cheating but for some reason I was ok with it. Maybe it's was that I could see where Kasie came from. She made herself live a "perfect" life by being the good daughter. Job, wardrobe, boyfriend soon to be fiance was a front to what she really is inside. She doesn't want that anymore. She wants freedom and I think she got this freedom with her one night stand with her stranger who turns out to be someone she knows.

Robert Dade, is CEO billionaire to a thriving company. He is smooth, knows what he wants and knows his way around the bedroom, office, yacht, yada yada yada. I love the way he unbalances Kasie, making her come out of her shell. I also love the way Robert sets her free if only for a moment. They have great chemistry even if Kasie wants nothing and everything to do with him. They have a discussion on flowers when she says she loves roses and he compares her to an African violet, I swooned. Little by little Robert gets inside Kasie's walls and it was nice to see it crumble.

What I got from this story was about a girl who wants to be set free. Even if she went about it the wrong way, she found she could let loose and not be judged for it from her stranger.

The ending was a Holy Shit moment and can't wait for the second installment. 


Maria D. said...

Not a fan of cheating but if she isn't married -then I'm more tolerant of it. Thanks for the review

Lee Anne said...

Totally agree that was a Holy Shit moment at the end!

Nadine said...

It's in my ever growing pile. Hmm...I must move it up.


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