Thursday, January 17, 2013

Review: Easy by Tammara Webber

Independently, these five words don’t mean much. Put them together and you have a perfect description of drool-worthy Lucas. He’s smart, he’s sexy, he funny, and he’s a gentleman. What more could you possible ask for?

Jacqueline’s talented, beautiful, and hurting from her breakup with her longtime boyfriend.  When Lucas saves Jacqueline from an attack at a party, their lives become intertwined in a way they never saw coming.

Lucas is Landon, only Jacqueline doesn’t know that. Lucas is tutoring her via email in economics. Lucas is the dreamy guy in her class that saved her from the attack. Lucas hangs out with her, drugs her with kisses and passion. Landon flirts via email and helps her with economics. She likes them both. How can she choose between them? What will happen when she finds out Landon is Lucas? Can they survive the fallout? What happens when the university finds out Landon is having a relationship with someone in the class he tutors? Will Lucas ever trust Jacqueline with his secrets?

This was a fun and fast read. It was fun to watch the relationship blossom between Lucas/Landon and Jacqueline. The emails and text messages were cute and the flirting was fun. I like that Lucas had secrets and while the secrets are difficult and heart-wrenching, it’s doesn’t make him abusive towards others. If anything, it makes him protective of others. It makes him want to help others be safe.

Jacqueline was a great MC. She’s the typical college student. There’s nothing completely earth shattering in her life that would mess her up. Her parents aren’t the greatest, but they’re not bad parents. Just a bit oblivious.

Ms. Webber did a great job of dealing with some of the more difficult issues in this book. It wasn’t glazed over, but it also wasn’t forced on you. It’s just part of the story and what makes Jacqueline who she is and what makes Lucas who he is.

The passion between Jacqueline and Lucas burns hot. It’s obvious in the book that Lucas wants to go further but he convinces Jacqueline to ask him to stop. He knows if she didn’t, he would keep going and that would be bad for them both.

The ending was wonderful! I was very pleased with the happy outcome. The challenges these two faced when Lucas graduated from university is the same challenge many couples face. The resolution was wonderful, expected, but wonderful!


Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review -I'll have to add this book to my list

Kristin said...

Great review. I loved this story and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it as well.
Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous


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