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Blog Tour: Avoiding Responsibility by K.A. Linde


Taryn:  Hey Jack and welcome to My Secret Romance! I am so grateful that Kyla is allowing me to interview you. I'm a Team Jack fan through and through. *sigh*

Alright- I have some friends here with us today. Amanda, Janna, Nic and Denise. Nic and Denise are from the Flirty & Dirty blog and they actually just finished interviewing Ramsey in the next room, so they decided to pop over to sit in with us. Denise promises to be on her best behavior- they all do. *sweet innocent smiles coming from the girls*

Taryn: Now Jack...

Amanda: What the FUCK were you thinking giving Bekah a ring!  Lexi's ring! And I don't care if it's a fake one! 

Janna: I hope it hurt like hell when Lexi racked you in the balls!

Taryn: *mumbles to self... Oh shit...* Sorry about that, Jack. Care to explain that dreadful situation?

 Nic:  Jack, I love ya and am routing for ya, but when are you going to MAN UP and grow a set?!?!

Jack:  Wow!  What a warm welcome from this crew.  *smirks*  Good to see you ladies too.  Um…I think I explained this already.  It wasn’t exactly smart.

Okay. Not smart at all.

But Bekah stumbled across my grandmother’s ring and flipped out.  I was already considering proposing to her, and there was no way that I could explain to her why I was giving her a different ring than the one she found.  And…I just couldn’t give her the original.  It doesn’t make sense, but in some twisted way, it makes sense to me.

Amanda: Did you even consider Lexi when you gave Bekah that ring? Or what she might be going through? That was a dick move of you.

Taryn: It was pretty dirty. My mouth dropped open when I read it...

 Nic: We know you love Lexi, so it boggles the mind that you would hurt her so bad.  Lexi would never do that to you!

Jack:  Lexi would never do that to me?  Well, I couldn’t see her proposing to anyone, so that’s probably true.  But Lexi has done her fair share of misleading.  Anyway, it’s not about that.  It’s about whether or not I considered Lexi when I proposed to Bekah.

I did.  *shrugs*  I thought she was playing me.  I thought she had been dating Ramsey this whole time, and that she wasn’t being honest with me.  I didn’t realize it until later…much later how wrong I had been.  But I had already hurt her.

Taryn: Jack, if you were to come with a warning label, what would it say? 

Janna: *coughs* Douche bag

Amanda: Asshat

Nic:   Add water to grow a set!!!!!!

Amanda: Warning label...Caution: dick might just break in you do to over usage. 

Janna: Oh! That's a good one, Amanda! *high fives Amanda*

Taryn: Watch it girls! You're talking about my Jack here. I don't bash peppermint bitch Ramsey like this! 

Nic: I got your back Taryn. Are you all forgetting that Ramsey was in cahoots with Bekah in the beginning?!?!  ASSHAT!

Taryn: What would I do without you, Nic?

Denise: If the shoe fits…

Taryn: Oh. My. God. Such hostility! 

Jack:  Not even sure where to begin.  Was there a question in there?  Oh, right, warning label.  Uh…caution:  gets hot when angry?  I dunno…best I got.

Janna: If you couldn't be in Lexi's life, who would you rather her with: Ramsey or John? I say Ramsey is best for her...

Nic: Jack, man up!  You are the only man who should be in Lexi's life and you know it. You can't deny that you are kindred souls....

Jack:  Is that a trick question?  I don’t have to answer that do I?  Can I say neither?

Taryn: Jack, something has been driving me insane. Please, please tell me why you didn't speak up right before the wedding was to take place when everyone was in the room letting all hell break loose? What was going through your mind? I was internally pleading, begging, you to speak up, and you sat there stone faced. 

Janna: That's what drove you insane...not the cheating? *cops an attitude*

Denise: *whispers to Janna* You know these Jack Packers are in denial. They'll see anything but the truth of this asshat's ways

Taryn: Shut it, Janna! And Denise, let’s not forget all the LIES Ramsey likes to tell. Talk about denial!

Nic:  Do you really want to stay with Bitch-face Bekah for the rest of your life?!?!  You know she will take your manhood! 

Jack:  Uh…I guess I’ll start at the beginning with Taryn’s question.  Why didn’t I speak up?  Sometimes I kick myself for it, but I did say that I didn’t sleep with those other women.  Then Lexi and Chyna just went off about it.  I just figured that no one was going to believe me anyway.  I had dug myself so deep into a hole that I wasn’t going to get out of.  Definitely not the afternoon before my wedding.  They weren’t going to believe me so why even try to have them see reason?

And, uh, Nic, I don’t really want to talk about Bekah.  I’ve been with her for nearly three years and I’m pretty sure she hasn’t taken my manhood. 

Janna: Now that you're getting married, do you think you can stay faithful to Bekah? Why stay faithful to her and not Lexi?

Denise: Cuz Bekah has the leash so tight he'd choke... Pussy

Nic: Yes, faithful to Bekah, right.... I see concrete walls in Jack and Lexi's future!

Taryn: Yes, please!

Jack:  You really can’t even compare them.  Lexi and I had a long, strange history and what happened in New York, well, it was a mistake, but we weren’t together.  I don’t know how to describe it.  It probably doesn’t make sense to most people unless they’ve been through what Lex and I have been though.

But marriage…that’s a whole different story.  My parent’s divorce really wrecked me when I was younger, and I’d never want that to happen to me or my kids, if I have any…

Amanda: What was your first impression upon meeting Lexi? Describe her to us.

Jack:  Confusion?  Or maybe that was just the first time I saw Lexi.  I was working and her friend came up to me and invited me to a concert.  I would have just ignored her; she was kind of eccentric.  Can’t believe someone married her.  That’s neither here nor now.  Anyway, she pointed Lexi out to me in the coffee shop, said she had a crush on me, and that if I thought she was hot I should stop by.  I never did that sort of thing, but then I looked up, and she had her nose buried in her book trying not to look at her friend talking to me.  And…I don’t know, something in me just clicked.  I took the paper and went to the concert…because I just had to.

It’s been like that ever since.

Taryn: Lexi is no saint, she's definitely made some wrong turns, but do you feel you've treated her wrong? If the situation was reversed how do you think you'd react to everything that's happened between you both?

Jack:  Honestly Taryn?  I never thought that I treated Lex wrong.  When you’re in it…really in it, like I was with Lex, then you don’t see anything that’s going on outside.  There was only the two of us.  We made the decisions that were right for us when we were in that situation.  I doubt I would have acted any different than Lexi, and I don’t think she would have acted any different than me.

Taryn: If you could make it up to Lexi and right all the wrongs, would you? How would you do it? 

 Nic:  Yes Jack, how?!?! ~swoons~

Jack:  *stares at ground* Look, I can’t change the past.  The wrongs will still be there no matter what happens, and I can’t change that.  All I can do is move forward.

If she needs me to make something up to her though…I can think of a couple ways… *winks* 

Janna: You don't deserve Lexi, in my opinion, but if you could have a future with her, would you? Can you honestly say that you love her? Or is it purely a physical thing for you? 

Jack:  Well, we’re all glad to hear your opinion.

To say that I don’t love Lexi…or that I never loved Lexi is quite honestly that most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.  We were so in love that everything else around us was like a blur in comparison.  Yes, I love her body and physically we had something incredible.  I mean…you read the wall scene that Taryn raves about. *smirks* But to say that it was nothing more than that is insulting.

Taryn: Last one, if you and Lexi had a song, what would it be?

Jack:  Man, I associate so many songs with her over the years, but I think I always go back to Free Fallin’, the John Mayer version.

Taryn: Thank you so much for being here Jack. I really appreciate it.

Denise: I’m out.

Janna: I need wine after this...

Amanda: Off to buy some books with real men in them...

Nic:  I still believe in you!  Just know, if you can't be with Lexi or Bekah you can make a fresh start with me! *ducks because Taryn is throwing things at my head*

K.A. Linde is an independent author and publisher who enjoys writing novels that keep you guessing to the very end. She wrote Avoiding Commitment in 2009. She studied political science and philosophy at the University of Georgia and received her Masters in 2012. She currently resides in North Carolina. She enjoys dancing in her spare time. She has written a sequel to this novel and plans to have it released as an ebook in the near future along with her future endeavors. She is currently working on a fantasy/romance titled The Affiliate and the 3rd book in the Avoiding Series.

You can email K.A. Linde at


K.A. Linde is giving away an ecopy of Avoiding Responsibility at each tour stop! Please leave a comment with your email in the the comments section to be entered in the drawing. Thank you and good luck!!


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The caution signs - hilarious! Loved Amanda's!


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Hey Taryn - great post. I'd really like to read this book one day!

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That was the best interview ever! Can't wait to see more on this tour!

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LMAO!!! Oh my gosh ladies I loved this interview! You guys are awesome. I haven't read this series yet, but I gotta say I'm leaning towards Jack; bad boy douche bag. (Janna is going to kill me I know)

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Great giveaway Taryn!

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