Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sexy Snippets: Forbidden Fruit by Eden Bradley

Tuesdays have never been so sexy!
Sexy Snippets is a weekly feature hosted by Reading Between the Wines for the 18+ crowd.
He kissed her harder, wet and hurting, bruising her lips. His hands gripped her waist, his fingers biting into her, all she wanted was more. God, she could almost come if he only kissed her long enough, just kissed her like this.
He pulled back, brushed her hair with his lips, with his cheek. He was breathing as hard as she was. He still had her up against the car, his body pressing her against the cold steel. His hands slid down over her hips, dug in again. She couldn't have moved even if he hadn't been holding her so tightly. She could barely breath.
"Fuck. I'm so sorry, Mia Rose."
"No. That's not it."
"What, then?" He looked down at her his eyes glittering in the silvery light of the streetlamp a few feet away.
The words came out in a half-whisper. 
"I didn't want you to stop."
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This is a weekly meme hosted by Reading Between the Wines Book Club for the 18+ crowd

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Talk about sexy snippet!


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