Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Seeking Kiss by Eden Bradley

3.5 Stars
Amazon link- The Seeking Kiss by Eden Bradley

This is one hot and steamy paranormal romance! It has vampires and erotic romance rolled into one-my favorite! It's the first book to the Midnight Playground series and a good start at that. I think this book may be a long novella since I was able to read it in a few short hours. I had no idea it had menages in it. Maybe I should have looked at the cover first. Nice little surprise there. :)

Hex and Aleron have been together for ages, until Nissa walks in and captures the attention of both men. They all spend time together enjoying each others company...and boy oh boy was it hot! Ms. Bradley sure knows how to write a sex scene! But in the end, only one man is left standing with Nissa. I did feel sorry for the one male left on his own. It wasn't a sad ending where they parted on bad terms...they clearly want each other to be happy...but I just want him to get his happy ending and hopefully he will. The Seeking Kiss was a quick and fast read that will keep your blood pumping until the very end.

This is my first read by this author. I like her writing style a lot and ordered some books online, waiting impatiently for them to come in the mail.

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