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Generational Sins by Samantha Blair

4 Stars
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This book is unlike anything I've ever read before. Maybe because I haven't read too many bdsm novels before or because I've only read the "good" side of bdsm. Well, this was the "good" and the "bad" side of bdsm and I was captivated by it.

I'm not sure why either. At first, I thought the heroine (Kat) was a very damaged woman. I was wrong. I didn't understand at all why she wanted love the way she did. The more I read the more I understood her and what she wanted....and I was ok with it. I personally am not one for bdsm, but it is interesting to read. I think this book made it ok for a way. The spankings and submission is truly what Kat needed.

I have always said that I will never ever stand by and be verbally and physically abused, that's goes for sexually abused as well. I grew up around people verbally and physically abusing each other. I'm not sure why woman do it, I can only imagine why, but I know for sure that I would not and could not let that ever happen to me. It's one thing to like sex rough, there are times when we all want it (let's be honest), but its another to be called 'slut' while you're having it or to be slapped so hard you have bruises on you. And that's what happened in this book. I was totally taken back by it since I've never read it before, let alone let that happen to me.

I should start off by saying that this story has two main a way, and two different time lines, which most people might have a problem with. I didn't. I actually enjoyed reading the different time lines, because, well, it was done just right. Each chapter was either past or present time. I wasn't lost or confused and I looked forward to each chapter. There are also two point of views as well. Again, not hard to follow and you get the hang of it early on. We have the main couple, David and Kat and the secondary couple, David's parents, Richard and Ellen. And although the story is meant to focus on David and Kat, the parents are such a strong focus as well.

David's father, Richard, sees woman as a lesser equal. He believes woman are suppose to submit and obey to men. David doesn't agree. But he wants to make his father proud so he starts to follow what his father says and make up lies to please him along the way....that is until Kat shows up. I lost so much faith in David....even though Kat was on board with it all.

David and Kat are both in college when they meet, starting off as lab partners. Their relationship is purely platonic yet both having feelings for each other. David feels an instant attraction to her and fights it as long as he can, that is until they meet by chance at the same club. Surprisingly to both, they enjoy the same flavor of love making. But David doesn't know what it means to be a Dom. So Kat takes the initiative and tops from the bottom, guiding David into the role of the dominate.

This book was so out of my comfort level but I think it's what I needed too. We see what it's like to be abused and loved at the same time. This book has a lot of sex in it but it needs to have it in order to understand the story. It was graphic but not dirty graphic...again, it's needed. There were some reviews I read where people were actually stunned with how David's mother, Ellen, acted after Richard's death. How can you be surprised by it! It was abused on so many levels (for 30 years!) it was scary! She probably saw it as a relief that he was no longer there to torture her and her son David.

I truly felt that David and Kat loved each other more than words can express....even though at time I wanted to strangle David for what he allowed.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. A lot. I was a little upset with the ending though and how rushed it felt. We have this long drawn out mentally draining story, a great story, but the end was wrapped up so quickly that I can't help but be little upset about that. Kat's ex-Dom is called in to help with some issues and I expected more out of that. I was beyond excited when he was called in too. In the end, this book is worth more than the 99 cents it's price at on Amazon.

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