Saturday, January 21, 2012

Breaking Free by Cherise Sinclair book 3

4 Stars
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I think when the books have woman who come with baggage, are the ones I like the best. They're more emotional and intense for me, which is just what I like in my reads.

Beth, on the run from her sadistic, psycho husband, is a submissive to the core. She has been gone for a few months now and thinks she may have finally found a place to call home...for now. Needing to be dominated and feel like a woman, she finds the bdsm club, Shadowlands and joins. It's the only place she can be free. The problem is, after all the torture and abuse that was dealt to her from her husband, she is having problems submitting to the bigger, stronger Doms. After weeks of no progress, Master Z tell her she has one last chance to make it work and assigns Master Nolan, an ex-military man to her. Nolan is everything she does not want. He powerful, aggressive, and doesn't take no for an answer. Yet he's gentle and in control and not to mention, attractive. But maybe that's what she needed all along....

I am really enjoying this series much more than I thought I ever would. This level of bdsm is so out of my comfort level, but I can't stop reading them. Cherise Sinclair is a Master...or should I say a Mistress. ;) You can't help but love the overpowering men. There is a soft side underneath all that domineering exterior, too. The only problem I have is the public play and sharing. Some things are meant to be kept private, and for me, sex is one of them. There is no need to put woman on display for anyone to touch and see. The woman clearly did not want the time. But, that seems to be the theme here for this series. I guess I'll have to over look that in the rest of the books since I will definitely be continuing the series.


Kathryn R. Blake said...

Taryn, your review brought up exactly all the things I like about Cherise Sinclair's series, and the things that make me squirm. Like you, I will try to overlook the squirmy parts so I can concentrate on the yummy parts instead. Great review!

Taryn said...

Thanks, Kathryn! I have to say that this series is now one of my favorites! I'm on the last book and trying to savor each pages because I'm not sure when the next will come out. Forget about the things that make us squirm and read these books!


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