Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: With Everything I am by Kristen Ashley

KA does no wrong. I'm biased. I don't care. Words fail me when I try to write a review for her stories. But here's about 4 things you should know about her...

1. This chica can write. She's a wonderful storyteller. Her imagination is beyond wild. She has the ability to make you escape into the world(s) she creates that sometimes you don't want to go back to reality. Seriously. She's that...wait for it... FUCKING awesome.

2. You get your monies worth. Yes her books can be long. Yes she goes into detail, whether it's the way she describes the people, place and things. All her books are inexpensive.

3. All the characters in all her books(yes I've read em all)are brilliant. Whether it's the fucking hot alpha men or the bad ass chicas(who dress fabulous by the way), you wanna be said bad ass chicas who have the pleasure of fucking said hot alpha men.

4 You will either cry, ball your eyes out, get teary eyed or your throat closes up. In some books there is death but then there are just those moments that bring a smile to your face and make you teary eyed. If you know me, I don't like crying. But got damn, KA does a brilliant job that I don't mind the tears.

Now on to the story...

I bow down. I curtsy. I click my heels in air.

We get werewolves. Yes. Fucking hot werewolves. King alpha fucking hot werewolf Callum. His description had my heart a fluttering. He's alpha so that entails that he's bossy, wants everything his way, he's fucking hot and OMG...that king can lay it down on me anyfuckintime.

We get his Queen. Yep. Queen Sonia who doesn't have a clue that werewolves and other things that go bump in the night exist. All she knows is that when she was little she met her "puppy" who she protected and he did the same with her thru her life.

Let me just state that this book is the best in sensuality. Of course there's sex. Rough sex. Headboard sex. Sweet sex. The way Callum "marks" and "plays" Sonia had me sighing. Won't say more but here are some of my favorite moments/lines...

"Come to your wolf, baby doll."

"My glorious queen, I told you we'd have a beautiful life, you and I."

"," Kerry breathed.

"You're not hot. You're dreamy."

"And it's everything I am to you."
"Your protector...lift your ass for me, little one, I want to go deep...and I'm also your possessor."

"Cal?...You love me?"
"With everything I am, baby doll, and everything I'm meant to be."

"Your mother's mother gave that to her when she was a girl. Your mother gave it to me for safekeeping to give to you today." Sonia drew in a breath as her fingers curled tight around Regan's and tears flooded her eyes. "Oh Sonny!" Mara cried. "Your makeup!" "Let her cry," Sonia heard Callie say quietly. "We'll fix it." "I-" Sonia began. "Say nothing." Regan cut her off then finished on a whisper. "I know. What you need to know is that Cherise knew, Lassiter knew, they knew you loved them just as much as they loved you." Her lips quivering, she could hold them back no more and Sonia whimpered as Regan pulled her into her arms and held her close.

"Vampire grandpa to my Sonia's children."

"You're beautiful always but today, you glow. I love you, my hear, I have from the moment you came to me even if that moment was a sad one. And I'm immensely proud of you."...Then she whispered, "I love you too. I have for ages and I'll do it forever."

"Are you mine?" he asked, his voice gruff. "Yes," she whispered immediately, her voice still husky and her eyes got brighter.
"Are you mine?" she asked, this new nuance of The Mating something he came up with just that morning. He was king. he could do anything he wanted. And he wanted to give to her what she gave to him. "Yes," he replied in a strong, carrying voice...

Go forth if you haven't already and go get any and all of this fabulous chicas stories.


Susan W said...

This looks good! Thanks for the post!

Tanya said...

I have read two KA books, Knight and Mystery Man, and I enjoyed them both. Her men are freakin awesome in the stories. This one sounds like another great one!

Irene Velazquez said...

I just reading the first one to this series "Until the sun falls from the sky" and it was fan-funckin-tabulous! I agree KA is amazing!

Irene Velazquez said...

I just reading the first one to this series "Until the sun falls from the sky" and it was fan-funckin-tabulous! I agree KA is amazing!

Anonymous said...

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