Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review: Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward

You shouldn’t want the one person who treats you like he hates you, you shouldn’t want the person who picks on you to torment you and you shouldn’t want your step brother, no matter how hot and sexy he is.  But for Greta, she couldn’t help wanting him, even when she knows that it will end up breaking her heart.

Greta’s mother and Elec’s father are married.  Greta never had an issue with her stepfather, well that was until Elec moved in and began a part of their lives.  From the minute that Greta meets him she just knows behind that asshole exterior and bad boy front he puts on that there is more to him.  Elec can push her buttons and loves to piss her off, but Greta can’t help how attracted she is to her stepbrother dearest.  Greta at times is really surprised at how Elec is treated by his father and knows that there is something going on and can only hope that one day Elec will open up to her.

Elec came into the home pissed off.  There is a story behind it all, one that really is heartbreaking, and while he may like to make Greta’s life hell at times, there is more to his feelings as well.  He knows though that getting involved with her would be a bad idea and does try to keep that from happening.  He knows that his time there is short, even shorter than was originally planned.  But, he has the same feelings for Greta and she does him but will he be able to do anything about it is the question.

Holy shit, these two have some major chemistry going on and when they have to part and don’t see each other until years later you are like WTF, but don’t worry my fellow readers, while at first you may be pissed at their reunion. I know I wanted to smack Elec for a little while there.  What they go through is emotional and at times your heart breaks but you just know that these two are meant to be.

This story is told in two parts; the past and then the present and is told mostly from Greta’s point of view but we do get to see Elec’s later on as well.  I loved getting to see Elec’s side of events later on, it made me love him even more. 

While some people may expect more of a taboo type of read based on the title, it is so much more than just a relationship between step siblings.  I honestly devoured it and couldn’t put it down.  It drew me in and kept my attention throughout the entire book.  It was sweet, sexy, funny, had angst and overall was a great book.  I highly recommend Stepbrother Dearest to everyone.


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