Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Review: Something Sweeter (Sweet, Texas #3) by Candis Terry

Allison Lane arrives in Sweet, Texas determined to prove that her father is making a mistake. With one horrendously failed marriage under his belt, she doesn’t want to see him make the same mistake twice. As an event planner, Allison has seen her share of failed nuptials, and after growing up witnessing the nightmare that was her parent’s union, she’s a cynic when it comes to love and matrimony. Does love even really exist?

Jesse Wilder is happily living the single life. He has no intentions, in the foreseeable future, to change his bachelorhood status. That however, doesn’t stop his body from reacting to Allison and setting out to prove to her that love is real.

Something Sweeter left me puzzled. There is no denying the chemistry between Allison and Jesse. They were shooting electrical sparks off the page. The story was filled with a smoking hot hero and a few heartfelt lines. However, the overall package made me dizzy. On one hand, Jesse is so adamant on making sure his family members find their happiness in love that he puts himself last for finding his own HEA, feeling it’s not his time. His crusade is based on the guilt and remorse he feels from a secret he’s been keeping from everyone. Yet, he attempts to prove to Allison that love and happy-ever-afters do exist...by basically dating her.

Hello, mixed signals?

So, let me break this down. We have Jesse, who is not ready for love, but it’s knocking on his door and Allison, who’s never considered the possibility of being in love, yet Jesse is seeping into her heart. He tells her flat out it’s not his time for love, but his actions speak otherwise. She says she doesn’t believe in it, yet she doesn’t run or resist him. I’m confused. What was the premise again?

Then we throw in some side story arcs that consist of wedding disasters, hookers, and dead men telling tales and bring on the headache. This one sort of turned into an unrealistic tangled mess for me. Lose the hooker storyline (that I saw coming a mile away), Allison and Jesse, put up more of a fight in your convictions, and we may indeed have something sweeter here.

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