Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review: Anguish (Joker's Wrath MC #3) By: Bella Jewel

In the third book of the Joker’s Wrath series we get Mack’s book and everyone hold on tight and get ready for one hell of an emotional ride. 

Mack is a Nomad of the Joker’s Wrath MC, adopted brother of Maddox, he comes home when the club needs him and leaves when they don’t.  Well, that is until he is faced with having an infant son he had known nothing about and one he doesn’t want.  To take care of the baby he hires a nanny, Jaylah.  What he doesn’t expect is the sexual tension between the two of them, her sassy mouth, and the confusion he begins to feel over his son.

Jaylah took the nanny position having no freaking idea what it took to be a nanny, but she needed money.  Needed it fast and had no other choice.  She didn’t begin to imagine she would be living with a biker who is an asshole 90% of the time, want him despite him being an asshole and that she would love that baby as her own.  Jaylah is running from trouble, trouble she got into because of her ex and trouble she needed to tell Mack about from the start but doesn’t.

When these two finally give in the sex between them is hot.  But will their relationship ever become more than just sex?  Mack’s past defines him, he doesn’t believe in love.  He had it once and it broke him, and no one could come close to what he felt for his son’s mother, or can Jaylah break that wall around his heart and get in?  This book made me cry at some points because Mack’s pain was deep, made me want to punch him in the balls at other times for being such an asshole, and kind of made me want to slap Jaylah and say seriously you find that happening disgusting without ever experiencing it?  And no I am not going to give that part away because I think once y’all read the book you will agree with me on that one ;)

I swear with each book that Bella Jewel writes she just gets better and better.  Anguish is one of my favorite books from her yet and the series isn’t done yet.  I absolutely cannot wait to see what else she has in store for us and not only with the Joker’s Wrath series but in general because this is one author I can’t get enough of!


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