Friday, September 11, 2015

Amazon Review Tour: Hot As Hale By Marie James

Innocent Joselyne Bennett loves her quiet life. As an elementary teacher her days include teaching kids then going home to research fun science projects to add to her lesson plan. Her only excitement is living vicariously through her sister Lorali and friend Alexa Warner. 

Incredibly gorgeous police detective Kaleb Perez was going through the motions of life. His position on the force as a narcotics detective forced him to cross paths with Josie after a shooting involving her friend. 

On more than one occasion Kaleb discretely tried to catch Josie’s eye. On every occasion he was ignored but when her hand is forced after a break-in at her apartment Josie and Kaleb are on a collision course with each other. Formerly timid Josie is coaxed out of her shell by the sexy-as-sin Kaleb who nurtures her inner sex-kitten in the most seductive ways, and replaces her inexperience with passionate need. 

The small group has overcome so much in such a short period of time and just when they think they can settle back into their lives they are forced back into the unknown. Can Kaleb protect Josie from further tragedy? Can she let him go once the threat of danger is gone?

This is a standalone erotic contemporary novel. The next book in the Hale Series: To Hale and Back is the conclusion of the series and in the point of view of all six characters.

Recommended for readers 18 and up due to strong language and explicit sexual content.
Before I read Hot As Hale, I went back and reread the first two books just to make sure that I was still going to have those same feelings I had when I originally read them.  I still loved the first two books as much as I did, so I was even more excited for Hot As Hale

I have wanted Josie and Kaleb’s story since the first glimpse of attraction between the two was shown to us readers.  I had a feeling that Kaleb was going to be super sexy and that feeling was spot on.  Let me expand on that.  Kaleb could arrest, frisk, or search me any day of the week. Hell I would commit a crime if I knew he was going to be my arresting officer.  Not only is he hot, but he is also caring, protective and overall I really good guy who has his sites on the pretty little school teacher. 

Josie, as stated above is the “innocent” school teacher who while is attracted to Kaleb will never even speak to him when he is in the same room as him.  Stating she is shy is an understatement.  So you would think I would love the way she would be a good fit for Kaleb, but honestly she drove me completely insane.  She would be this prim proper girl one minute then act like she would die if she didn’t have sex with Kaleb again, I understand she wasn’t very experienced and the right man can make even the primmest of women into freaks in the sheets but Josie just rubbed me the wrong way from the start.  I just didn’t like her character.

Hot As Hale sadly was a letdown for me, while I enjoyed it, I didn’t love it like I have the previous two books. There were just too many different things for me to be able to pin point what exactly it was that made me like it less than the others.   I am curious to read the next book that will be the final book in the series and will have POV’s from all six characters.  


Marie James, full-time working mother of two boys and wife of 11 years. I've spent almost my entire lifetime living in central Texas, with only short stays in South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. I've always wanted to write novels and just recently had the gumption to sit down and start one. My passions include reading everything under the sun and sewing. I even listen to audio books while sewing. Coming to Hale is my debut novel and book 1 in the 4 book Hale Series. I have several other story lines worked out for other books once this series is complete. Reading and writing is my happy place. Hope you enjoy my debut novel.




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