Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Review: Crave The Night (Midnight Breed #12) by Lara Adrian

Buying myself a Lara Adrian book is a given. I honestly just automatically set my purchase months ahead whenever it becomes available cause I KNOW I will read anything she writes. I saw the title of this book for the first time around February and thought: This is DEFINETELY one hell of a good story; it sounds like a movie title. A very SEXY and HARDCORE movie. Now, knowing in reality it's a Midnight Breed novel, I immediately realize it's waaaaaayyy beyond a good story. I wasn’t wrong.

It's an EPIC story.

With that being said, Nathan and Jordana have enough fuel to set the whole city of Boston on fire. I dare to say this is one of the best breed couples ever written. It's nearly impossible not to fall in love with both.

So, let’s go back in time a bit, and  if you recall, Nathan is the (genetically created) son of Corinne Bishop, who we met back in Deeper than Midnight, and back then Nathan was a 13 yr old boy, who was born and raised to be a Hunter. Fast forward 20 + years and he now is the second in command of the Boston squad, and very much in charge of his team. Nothing makes him lose focus; he's been extremely well trained, prepared and set to get rid of rogues, and he doesn’t hesitate for a split second to pull the trigger if needed to. This particular mission against a high profile club owner has gotten Nathan’s full attention and it appears to be everything is going according to plan. He’s determined to complete this mission and fight ANYTHING that might get in his way. He’s determined to not let ANYTHING get in his way this time. 

Anything, except Jordana Gates.

Nathan has known Jordana for a while since she’s the best friend of Carys Chase (from who I am SURE we will see more in the nearby future). If you also recall, back in Edge of Dawn, they shared a brief encounter that shattered Nathan's self control. That was only the beginning of what would be a high octane love story with enough adrenaline to last you a lifetime. Seriously.

Jordana on the other hand is a very important Breedmate, raised in an upscale Breed environment in the city of Boston. She has an 'almost formal' I would say, relationship, with a high profile Breed male (whom you can tell she doesn’t really love, mind you), she has her dream job, a loving father, everything she’s ever asked for. Her world is calm and delicate, until Nathan appears in her life like a storm lifting her off the ground and swirling her. Their love is nothing less than an avalanche full of emotions and action. Nathan is as lethal as Jordana is pure fire; and what neither one of them knows is that she is the key to a whole new mystery building within the Breed nation (Remember: Mrs. Adrian KNOWS her alphas and Nathan is by far one of the best one’s she’s written about. There is not one thing u cant love about Nathan, not one flaw). Jordana on the other hand will become the key to a hidden world that the Breed must fight against; and their love story will be the beginning of a new mission that only the Order can complete.

Every single chapter in this book will captivate you. Every love scene will melt you a little. Every kiss shared by Nathan and Jordana will increase your heartbeat. Every action scene will drag you into this phenomenal love story only Mrs. Adrian can deliver in such a MAJESTIC way. 

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