Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Review: A Good Debutante's Guide To Ruin (The Debutante Files, Book 1) by Sophie Jordan

A Good Debutante's Guide To Ruin, book 1 in The Debutante Files, is an amazing start to a new series! Filled with intrigue, sensuality, innocence, and a touch of taboo, I refused to put this book down.
Rosalie Hughes has nowhere to go. Having been all but abandoned by her mother, Rosalie ends up at her stepbrother's door. She's the second to last person he ever wanted to see.
Declan, the Duke of Banbury, holds nothing but hatred for his stepmother. Though he and Rosalie may have fond childhood memories, he finds it hard to separate mother from daughter.
Wanting to quickly rid himself of Rosalie, Declan sponsors her through the debutante season and offers a hefty dowry with her marriage. Unfortunately for him, Rosalie won't just go off with the first man to propose. She wants romance and love. But the longer she stays under Declan's roof, the more she wants those things with him.
I was hooked and sucked in, on the edge of my seat waiting to see where this would go. Declan is never lacking in the company of women, but when Rosalie re-enters his life he unknowingly changes his rakish ways. She gets under his skin. He knows it's a bad idea. He can't go there with her. Looking for escape and to release some pent up frustrations, he runs off to Sodom for the night.
Rosalie, afraid the debutante season won't bring her the romance she imagined, wants to experience life on her own terms...just once. She too finds herself at Sodom, a private club for illicit activities, donned in costume to protect her identity. There she's only seeking out her first kiss. And oh my steaminess what a first kiss it is...with Declan! Holy mother of first kisses those two have hot chemistry!

“That's it," he growled. "Take what you want."

Of course things can't be that simple though. He has no clue the woman at Sodom, that makes him want more out of life, is the same woman currently living under his roof. Explosive is the word I'd use to define what happens when he puts two and two together and stops fighting his feelings for Rosalie.

His kiss deepened, grew harder, hungrier. Fast and desperate.

Oh but, Sophie Jordan, wasn't done with us readers yet. Declan and Rosalie would have to fight for their happy ending. Rosalie's conniving, twisted mother wants her daughter's dowry and she doesn't care about hurting her daughter to get it.
Who knew a historical romance can be so fun! I'm looking forward to the next one in this series and more of Sodom. Seriously add this book to your TBR list.


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