Friday, November 4, 2011

Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun

3 Stars
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How is it that everyone seemed to love this novel and I didn't? Everyone must have been blinded by all that hot steamy sex that was going on to really rate the book. Yes, Anne Calhoun can write a hot erotic sex scene but the rest fell flat for me. I felt like the characters were reaching out, trying to lure me in but for some odd reason I kept holding back. I guess I didn't feel the connection. And I'm kind of bummed about it! I read a short story by this author and it was very, very good so I assumed this would be too. I was wrong.

I think my main problem was that there was sex about 4% into this book. Huge pet peeve of mine, especially when the characters don't even know each other. Granted, Lacey was looking for a one night stand since she and her now ex-husband had divorced, so I should have expected it, I just didn't so soon. Another issue I had was that Lacey considered herself "inexperienced" in the bedroom. Lacey and Hunter said it multiple times too. Ah, you were married for 10 years, how could you possibly be inexperienced even if it was only missionary style? Speaking of marriage, how did Lacey and Davis divorce? The divorce was spoken about a few times, but not how it ended. There were encounters that Davis and Lacey had together and it would have been perfect timing to talk about it, but it wasn't. Another thing, when Hunter brought up his mother to Lacey and reveled who she really is, it seemed to ring a bell for Lacey, but not for me. Was she spoken about before Lacey and Hunter had that conversation? I couldn't remember for the life of me and I felt like we were suppose to know who she is. Lastly, I was waiting for this big climax to happen and nothing did! Wait, I take that back. There were <i>plenty</i> of climaxes in this book, too many really, but no real climax to the story line. Despite all the complaints I have with this book, one thing I did enjoy was Lacey and Claire's friendship. That was real to me and I felt that connection. There are too many books out there where the women claim to be best friends but so much is held back from each other that makes me wonder how they could've even consider themselves best friends, let alone friends! Lacey and Claire held nothing back from each other and I liked that so much. It reminded me of my best friends. Personally, best friends should have a no-holds-barred friendship, and that's what Lacey and Claire have.

Even though I was not crazy about this book, I am still going to give this author another shot simply because I enjoyed one of her short stories so much.

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