Friday, September 9, 2016

Review: Listen to Me (Fusion #1) by Kristen Proby

Listen to Me is the first book in the Fusion series. And what a start! A woman who tends to pick the wrong men in life meets a man who used to live in the spotlight. Addison has always been attracted to the bad boy rocker types, but the thing with those kind of guys is...they don’t stick around...they’re bad boys. Jake is a former rocker who used to live the bad boy life, but after nearly losing someone dear to him, he was happy to step off the stage and work behind the scenes.

A chance encounter has these two characters meeting, and the sparks flying. But Addison is adamant about finding a good guy for once. Leaving Jake with a lot to prove, not just to Addison, but to himself.

This was a refreshing read to see the roles reversed in a way. The past really left its mark on Jake, and while others affected may have moved on, he held on to the damage caused. He was vulnerable. Addison counterbalanced him perfectly. She’s strong, independent, and has no problems standing up for herself. Now if these two would just stop and spill their fears to each other...ah but then we wouldn’t have a story, would we?

If you’ve read a Proby book before, then you know she doesn’t just give us characters to read on a page, but instead presents us with a whole ensemble to love. And if you’re new to her books, then you’re in for a treat. Each one is filled with sweet men, strong women, and plenty of sexy times.

Seduction is quickly becoming the hottest new restaurant in Portland, and Addison Wade is proud to claim 1/5 of the credit. She’s determined to make it a success and can’t think of a better way to bring in new customers than live music. But when former rock star Jake Keller swaggers through the doors to apply for the weekend gig, she knows she’s in trouble. Addie instantly recognizes him—his posters were plastered all over her bedroom walls in high school—he’s all bad boy...exactly her type and exactly what she doesn’t need.

Jake Keller walked away from the limelight five years ago and yearns to return to what’s always driven him: the music. If he gets to work for a smart-mouthed, funny-as-hell bombshell, all the better. But talking Addie into giving him the job is far easier than persuading her that he wants more than a romp in her bed. Just when she begins to drop her walls, Jake’s past finally catches up with him.

Will Addie be torn apart once again or will Jake be able to convince her to drown out her doubts and listen to her heart?

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