Monday, September 12, 2016

Review: Black Listed (Benediction, #4) by Shelly Bell

She sacrificed everything to keep him safe…

Five years ago, con artist Lisa Smith broke the first rule of hustling when she fell in love with—and married—her mark, billionaire Sawyer Hayes. The erotic nights spent acting out her darkest fantasies with her husband and Master were the happiest of her life. But when her ruthless father demanded she kill him and take his money, she had no choice but to disappear without a trace…or lose him forever.

He’ll risk everything to have her again…

Now Sawyer has found her, and he has an indecent proposal: submit to him for seven nights and he’ll grant her the divorce she desires. Forced to pretend she no longer loves him, each night spent in his arms is exquisite torture as they reignite their intense passion through role play and ménage. But when a deranged killer out for revenge targets Lisa, she must finally trust Sawyer with the secrets of her past…or neither of them will live to see the future.

Yesssssss! Okay, I may be a bit exuberant, but this story had it all—strong characters, exciting plot, steam, sexy, action, intrigue, and suspense. I was hooked.

For years Lisa has been denying her true nature and has lived life in the shadows. All so her husband can live. She never stopped loving Sawyer, but fled and started a new life to protect him.

Sawyer never got over the one woman who managed to make it past his walls. And when he catches up to her, he intends to make her pay. Oh but he plays so dirty!

What starts out as sexy torture quickly takes a turn as they both come to realize the feelings they once had for each other are not just still there, but are so much more. But Sawyer isn’t the only one to surface from her past. And this time around, Sawyer’s life isn’t the only one in danger. Someone is out for blood.

Black Listed kept me on edge to the very end. This is a definite must read.

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Shelly Bell said...

Yay! I'm so glad you loved it!! You made my day. :)


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