Monday, July 27, 2015

Review: Collision By Laramie Briscoe

Collision—An instance of one person striking violently against another.

Broken Hearts

When Cash and Harper are blindsided with custody papers for his brother, Remy, neither one of them know what to do other than what they’ve done in the past. Ask the Heaven Hill MC for help and hope for the best.

As they prepare for the fight of their lives against Remy’s parents, Harper wonders if the sins of her father will come back to bite her. A time in her life she thought she’d left behind rears its ugly head and threatens everything the two of them have been working towards.

When worlds crash, they are left looking at the wreckage and wondering if they’ve survived the collision.

Stop! If you have not read Flagger yet please do so before reading Collision, as this is not a stand alone you will be lost if you have not read the previous book.  You have been warned!

Collision picks up right where Flagger left off.  Cash and Harper are trying to figure out a way to keep Remy from getting into his parents hands; while at the same time still trying to go to school and have the non-relationship relationship stay strong. Cash would do anything to protect his brother and take care of Harper.  Harper would do the same for Cash.  When something from Harper’s past could risk Cash losing Remy, let’s just say he was a typical jackass male and caused hurt that could cost him the girl he has come to care about more than he cares to admit.  My heart was breaking during this point, I wanted to just make things right for Cash, Harper and Remy. 

I am anxious to see what Ms. Briscoe has in store for Cash and Harper in the final book of this trilogy.  I also hope that we get to see more of our favorite Heaven Hill men because even if Cash isn’t a member of the MC they still consider him family.  Make sure you have read Flagger before starting Collision and be prepared to want a Cash of your very own.

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