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Book Tour: Katherine In Gold By J.B. Hartnett

*Warning: this is a love story with sexual situations and copious swearing. It also deals with an inappropriate relationship between an underage girl and a much older man.

When Katherine Symes experiences heartbreak at the age of twenty, she picks herself up, dusts herself off, and declares no man will ever break her again. The independent, potty-mouthed Katherine makes no apologies for how she lives her life. Marriage, babies, and husbands are ideas she’s never even entertained. There is only one thing she’s never had the guts to do.

Open her own cafe.

The day of her best friend’s engagement, a stranger bulldozes his way into her life. Handsome, tall, and annoying as hell, he pushes all her buttons. A mutual acquaintance introduces them, and the stranger, Holst Rutherford, wastes no time in presenting Katherine with half ownership in a coffee shop he wants to open in Laguna Beach; he just doesn’t want to do it alone.

Can she put up with Holst to achieve her lifelong dream?

Holst moved to the coastal town of Laguna Beach with clear intentions: a fresh start, concentrate on his new business, and enjoy the beach at his doorstep. After ending a toxic relationship, he never considered entering a new one. But there is something about the ever-combative Katherine which makes him realize she could be much more than a business partner. She just might be the one.

However, she is going to need a little convincing.
First and foremost, go back up and rea the warning at the top.  Go ahead I will give you a few minutes to scroll back up and read it.  Now, if you read it do you see one of the reasons why I had to sign up and read the book?  Hello copious swearing!  Now by now if you have read my reviews you know me and swear words go hand in hand so after reading that warning did you even have any doubt that I would love Katherine In Gold?

Okay this is going to hopefully be short and sweet and possibly will contain a few swear words in honor of the book.  Katherine In Gold is the second book in the Beachy Bride series and can be read as a standalone, although I loved the first book and think you should check it out.  Katherine In Gold is one of the best books I have read in a while because not only did it make me laugh, and it did a lot, it also had the perfect amount of issues between Katherine and Holst but those issues didn’t become overdone or annoying.  Add to that this is one sexy book and I was in heaven.  Katherine is smart assed, sassy and strong, but she has also been through some things that make you want to hold her tight.  Holst is just yummy sexy I want a Holst of my own goodness.  You will also have a new appreciation for the word “whore”, hell that’s my nickname or well it’s used in a variety of nicknames for me and even I love it more now.

Seriously just go pick up a copy of Katherine In Gold and read it.  While I am not also super critical of everything I read it is hard to get a five star rating from me and Katherine In Gold was a five star read for this book whore.  I can’t wait to read more from this author because I am already hooked on her writing style.


Most people think the term “whore” is either an occupation or an insult, but I used it as a term of affection. I wasn’t even sure how it began, but I often said it to Tori, and when I did, it came from a place of love.

Tori took a sip from her coffee and lifted her eyes from the message. “Dude.”

“Dude,” much like the word “whore” or even “fuck,” also had many meanings and uses. It was all in the way you said it.

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