Thursday, July 16, 2015

Release Blitz: Begging For Hale By Marie James

Alexa Warner, an easy going, free spirit, has never had a problem with jumping from one man to the next. She likes to party and have a good time; if the night ends in steamy sex that’s a bonus. She’s always sought pleasure first and never found a man that turned her down; until Garrett Hale. Never in her life was she forced to pursue a man, but his rejection doesn’t sit well with her. Alexa aches for Garrett, his rejection festering in her gut. The yearning for him escalating until she is able to seduce him, taste him.
Garrett Hale, a private man with muted emotions, has no interest in serious relationships. Having his heart ripped out by his first love, he now leaves a trail of one night stands in his wake. Mutually satisfying sex without commitment is his newly adopted lifestyle. Alexa’s constant temptation has his restraint wavering. The aftermath of giving into her would be messy; she is after all the best friend of his cousin’s girlfriend, which guarantees future run-ins, not something that’s supposed to happen with a one night stand. Yet, the allure of having his mouth on her is almost more than he can bear.
With hearts on the line, and ever increasing desire burning through them both, will one night be enough for either of them?
This is the second book in the Hale Series. 
Book 3 in the Hale Series is Josie and Kaleb’s story: Hot as Hale
Recommended for readers 18 and up due to strong language and explicit sexual content

You know when you find a new author and he or she puts out an amazing first book, one that you absolutely devoured and loved; and find out she has another book but you get a little worried because you aren’t sure if it will live up to the hype the previous book had?  Well you don’t have to worry about that when it comes to Begging For Hale because this one is just as hot if not hotter then Coming To Hale and I loved each and every bit of it.  There is angst, there is drama, there is sex, oh holy hell there is some hot sex.

I am keeping this on the shorter side because I want you to check out not just Begging For Hale, but the first book Coming To Hale (which I would say please read ahead of time because it was so damn good).  This is an author that I have a feeling is going to be one we need to keep an eye on, because if this is just the beginning of the talent she has, then Marie James will be here to stay.  Go check this series out, recommend it to your friends if you enjoyed it as much as I did and make sure you have a spare set of panties to change into, trust me you will need them.


Meet the Author
Marie James, full-time working mother of two boys and wife of 11 years. I've spent almost my entire lifetime living in central Texas, with only short stays in South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. I've always wanted to write novels and just recently had the gumption to sit down and start one. 
My passions include reading everything under the sun and sewing. I even listen to audio books while sewing. Begging for Hale is the 2nd book in the 4 book Hale Series. I have several other story lines worked out for other books once this series is complete. Reading and writing is my happy place.


Other Books in the Hale Series:

Book: Coming to Hale (Hale Series #1)
Author: Marie James Genre: Contemporary Romance
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The only time she trusted someone with her heart, she was just a girl; he betrayed her and left her humiliated. Since then, Lorali Bennett has let that moment in time dictate her life.
Ian Hale, sexy as sin business mogul, has never had more than a passing interest in any particular woman, until a chance encounter with Lorali, leaves a lasting mark on him.
Their fast paced romance is one for the record books, but what will happen when Ian’s secrets come to light? Especially when those secrets will cost her everything she spent years trying to rebuild.
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