Friday, November 21, 2014

Review: Love, In Spanish by Karina Halle

God, I love being reminded how much I adore these characters. I feel like Mateo and Vera are mine. I get them and I adore every sentiment that spills out of them. When Love, In English finished I was greedy and wanted more. I wasn’t ready to let them go. Greedy, yes I know, but sometimes Karina Halle grants wishes, and my Christmas present came early this year!

“You’ve made me realize that while sometimes love can’t conquer all, it can conquer you. You’ve conquered me, Vera, and I am forever yours.”

I was IN LOVE from page one and the feel fest didn’t stop until the end. This hot, hazy euphoria of knowing Mateo and Vera never stops even when you are experiencing the tough, tears running down my face, moments. Even when it hurts, it’s so real that you are just so captivated by the raw honesty and accuracy of it. I didn’t want to shy away from any of the hurt, because that IS a piece of their story.

“They do understand. But they don’t want to. To understand, they fear, is to become.”

Mateo’s POV gave me some insight to the insecurities that he might have felt toward their relationship. It was just what I needed after some of the scenes that made me want to pull out my hair from LIE. Honestly though, my favorite books have the characters making HUGE mistakes to earn their flawed and realistic feel.

“I think we will always pay for our sins, Vera, but our sins have been worth it. Haven’t they?”

Halle’s writing is flawless and poetic. Incredibly beautiful and stunning as her celestial metaphors that bring everything full circle. Nothing feels like a reach or insistent upon itself. The concepts, details, dialogue, and feelings all meld together spectacularly, creating a beautiful read full of emotion. BOTH Love, In English and Love, In Spanish are among my MUST READS of 2014.

“Our love is permanent and she is stardust in my hands”

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