Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pleasure's Edge by Eve Berlin

5 Stars!
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 For me, there's nothing more sensual than a man softly caressing a woman's body. And boy oh boy does Alec know what he's doing!

If you've never read a BDSM book before and you want to, then this is the book for you. It's almost a tutorial of the BDSM scene but also a romance story as well. You won't be cringing and holding your breath in pain while reading this, like I have in the past. This book is a very enjoyable read and you won't be able to put it down.

I was exceptionally surprised by this book. I'm not one to read BDSM novels, in fact, I very rarely do. The cover of this book caught my attention though and I was curious to find out more....and I'm so glad I did! Isn't the cover of this book very rousing to look at? It may sound crazy when I say this, but you can feel the chemistry and sensuality flowing from the cover. I'm so glad I bought it in paperback!

I actually found out a friend had read and enjoyed this book very much. She highly recommended it to me saying that it's not like all the other BDSM novels and to give it a try. And she was 100% right. This is definitely in a league of it's own and nothing like the others in this genre. I'm very hesitant when it comes to BDSM reads simply because I don't really understand it all. The whole idea of being beaten into orgasm isn't all that enticing to me, or the whole roughness that is associated with it, but honestly, this author makes you almost want to try it out....almost. What's so great about this book is that explains the lifestyle of BDSM yet there is a beautiful love story at the same time. It's not really a lifestyle though, it's more of a sexuality choice and there is nothing wrong with this kind of love making. Although it's not for me, I did find it to be very intriguing and could not stop reading it.

Dylan, an erotic romance author, is looking for help with her next book. She is not very familiar with the BDSM scene and is told about a known Dom in the area that can help her named Alec. As she's questioning him for her book, Alec makes her an offer. He tells her the only way to truly understand it all is to experience it; Alec wants her to submit to him. Dylan, being open about her sexuality, accepts but only if she can dominate Alec, insisting that she is a dom and not a submissive. After challenging each other, Dylan and Alec come to an agreement. If Dylan can not prove to be submissive, then she can dominate Alec. Little does Dylan know, after being with Alec once, her life will change irrevocably. She will find herself freed in more ways than one.

I'm not sure why, but I think this book is probably very sentimental to the author. There were a few times while reading this that I thought Dylan was actually Eve/Eden, but obviously written and changed into a fictional story. I could be wrong, but it's just a feeling I had. There were some striking similarities throughout the entire story with Dylan and Eve/Eden. I enjoyed this book very much and the authors writing style. I will be getting the next book, Desire's Edge very soon and more books by her as well.

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