Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ARC Review: Torture To Her Soul (Monster In His Eyes #2) by J.M. Darhower

If you have read Monster In His Eyes (which you need to read before reading Torture To Her Soul to fully understand the story) you know that Naz has a monster inside of him, one that has owned him for years, one that craved vengeance, needed retribution, and screamed for blood. The blood of those who took from him, and that blood he collects but at what price?

In the previous book we had Karissa’s POV, now we get to see Naz’s POV. We get to understand Naz and he is one complicated man. He is torn between the vengeance that he craves and the love of Karissa, who he knows hates him for his actions.

Naz’s knows that he should never have gotten involved with Karissa like he had, she was supposed to be part of his plan for retribution, part of the blood that he needed to shed, but he fell in love with her. He knows that she hates him, he deserves her hate but he can’t let her go. His very presence causes Karissa pain.

Is Naz a bad man, yes. Is he a good man, yes. Can you be a bad man and still be a good man? Yes you can and Naz proves it. While his actions and past may define who he is, he is also protective of Karissa and will do anything it takes to keep her from harm. His love for her is what makes him a good man at the same time it makes him a bad man as well. I know that may not make sense but, if you read both books in this series, it will. I would rather have a Naz at my back, knowing that while he should kill me he won’t because he loves me, than someone who may not ever physically hurt me but doesn’t love me either. Messed up thinking on my part? Yep I admit it, it is, but that still doesn’t change how I feel.

This book at times is slow, but that slow style is a journey that us readers need to take to get inside of Naz’s head and while we may not fully understand everything that Naz is, getting that insight into his soul makes a lot of his actions more forgivable.

I couldn’t wait for this book to be released, I had read Monster In His Eyes for the first time only a couple months ago and was anxious to see what would happen next and I was not disappointed. I think fans of the first book will love seeing Naz’s POV as much as I did.

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