Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Review: Broken by Christa Cervone

Sometimes before you can truly move on in love, you need to forgive past wrongs. You need to forgive yourself.

Leila has been in a downward spiral for four years. Ghosting through life, mindless sex and alcohol fill the void left behind from a shattered heart. She broke not just herself but the only man she has ever loved as well. Just the thought of him opens old wounds she can never stem, but a chance encounter with him propels her to finally come face-to-face with her past choices.

Garrett carries the scars—some deeply buried, some more noticeable—from his relationship with Leila and the path he took after her. Trying to outrun the pain she caused, Garrett enlisted in the Marines, a decision that proved both costly and rewarding. But in the years they’ve been apart, he never stopped loving her.

Broken was a heart-wrenching, poignantly told second chance love story. It’s a story filled with hurt, regrets, love, forgiveness, and a whole lot of steam. Told from Leila’s perspective in both the present and the past, we watch how she and Garrett came to be as a couple and where it all went wrong.

Leila holds so much guilt against herself, damaging her chances of being whole again. Seeing Garrett and growing tired of the revolving strangers in her bed finally leads her to seek outside help. Coming to terms with her destructive behavior is the first step. Opening her heart to the possibility of love again...with Garrett is a major hurdle of vulnerability for her. Losing him once broke her, if she were to lose him again, it’d destroy her. But what she ultimately realizes is that she alone is the last barrier to her healing. She is the biggest obstruction in her path.

I applaud Ms. Cervone for such an honest story. Not all romances are fairy tales. As in real life, love takes work by both parties, but the end result could be so much more than you ever expected. And Broken was just much more.

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